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Summer 2024 

Children ages 6-12

Campers ages 6 - 7 are in smaller groups guided by awesome camp counselors! They get the opportunity to try all the camp activities and experience some fun on the farm while having more of a schedule and staying in the same general areas (barn area or pond area) as their group and group leader. Campers ages 8 - 12 are in larger groups and have freedom in how they choose to spend their time as they go from station to station (both barn and pond) as they please during designated free times. There are leaders at every station and we have group check ins throughout the day.

Camp Activities 

We have a wide range of activities at SCC! At the barn there is a petting zoo (which often includes kittens, chicks, goats, and sometimes puppies), an arts and crafts station, and an indoor gym area perfect for sports and games! There is a station for campers to learn archery along with a covered riding arena with our horses for campers to ride, groom, paint, and love on.

At the pond there are water activities including water trampolines, a giant slipnslide, lake mats, a dock slide, paddle boards, and kayaks! Near the pond we have a zip line in the woods and hammock trees! We do have the facilities to have camp on rainy/stormy days.

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